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November 29, 2016
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Who knows more about the many needs of South Carolina seniors than the senior industry professionals who work with them every day!
Seniors in South Carolina are 20% of the population and the largest voting group, yet Senior-focused legislation is difficult to get passed or funded --- WHY?
Wouldn’t it be nice if a group existed who focused on advocating for
legislation for seniors, and was made up of Seniors themselves. That
group exists! The group is called the South Carolina Silver Haired
Several members of the SC Silver Haired Legislature will be here to explain who they
are, and answer the above question. You will learn how your
involvement can make a big difference in senior-related legislation. You
will also see how a small effort on your part, that serves the needs of
seniors, can be magnified when getting legislation passed and
funded. Bring your senior friends so all of you can gain first-hand
knowledge .... And bring your ideas to share about legislation needed to help
the seniors of SC.

Tuesday, November 29
Senior Action
50 Directors Drive, Greenville

For more information, contact Les Sintay 828-421-3444

Senior Action
50 Directors Drive
Greenville, South Carolina
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Les Sintay