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Activites Director

Covenant Way
December 9, 2013
Due West, South Carolina

The Activities Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Resident Services for Wylie Hall. The Coordinator will:

- Complete an Activities Assessment for each resident upon admission.
- Develop an activity plan for each resident to include appropriate individual and group activities which addresses the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs of the residents.
- Work closely with the residents, their family members, and care staff (resident assistants, therapists, dietary staff, etc.) to insure that activities are appropriate.
- Participate in Care Plan Meetings.
- Maintain and post a monthly calendar of activities for residents.
- Ensure that activities are carried out as posted or that appropriate substitutions are provided.
- Work a flexible schedule to accommodate the activities planned.
- Work with community organizations to bring in people and activities of interest to residents.
- Represent Wylie Hall to school groups and civic organizations as needed.
- Assist the administrator in promotion of Wylie Hall as needed.
- Keep appropriate written records for each resident on that resident’s medical chart. Notes are to include, but will not be limited to, a monthly activities summary and plan for the following month.
- Monitor the activities program and make changes to strengthen it on an ongoing basis.
- Perform other duties which may arise which are related to activities.

The activities program is intended to be one that enriches the lives of the residents. Although entertainment is a vital part of such a program, it is not the main objective. To the extent possible in such a group setting, Wylie Hall will strive to create an atmosphere resembling “normal life.” Activities offered will reflect the interests and abilities of the residents and will be in keeping with Covenant Way’s mission of contributing to their health, security, happiness, and usefulness in life.

Past experience in activities, teaching, or other social coordinating preferred but not required.
Past work experience in long term care preferred but not required.
January 1, 2014
Please email resume to
Seth Sherard