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Care Coordinator for Veterans Directed Program

South Carolina Appalachian Council of Governments
June 16, 2015
Greenville, South Carolina

This position is responsible for the care coordination of veterans in the Veterans Directed Home & Community Base Service program (VD-HCBS). The VD-HCBS program is designed to allow veterans who are potential candidates for nursing home placement to receive that level of care in their homes. The care coordinator reviews a budget with the veteran and assists the veteran in choosing their own care providers in place of receiving care services from the VA health care system.

• Conduct initial assessment - work with the veteran to identify personal needs, goals and barriers to meeting goals and risk assessment to identify whether a representative is needed; assist with selecting representative (if necessary)
• Education for veteran on roles and responsibilities of self-direction
 Assists with hiring providers for veteran
 Assist veteran in training providers (paperwork, time cards, payroll, etc.)
 Provides all info. for program
• Develop care/service plan (updated every 6 months) - work with veteran to identify means to have needs met and remove barriers to goals related to the disability
• Assist with decision making skills
• Work closely with VA in establishing budgets
• Spending Plan or Budget – support as needed - determine how to allocate budget
• Monitor and track funds approved for services both individual and programmatic
• Liaison between VA and veteran
• Monthly Phone calls to veteran
• Quarterly home visits to veteran
• Document actions and provide follow-up activities as needed
• Input data on clients and customer in real time to various systems
• Produce and submit all required metric reports regarding the Veterans Directed program
• Produce documents that may be technical or confidential in nature and require use of advanced applications
• Miscellaneous other duties to support the Aging Services Program and the Appalachian Council of Governments

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Public Health, Nursing, Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, Education, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Criminology and/or related field and minimum of three years of any combination of social work or case management experience, preferably in the areas of aging, disabilities, community health, nursing home or hospital discharge planning. Preference will be given to those with experience in working with veterans and experience with self-direction.

Must acquire the Alliance of Information Referral Specialist (AIRS) certification within one year of hire.
June 30, 2015
Please submit a cover letter, resume and list of references by Close of Business on June 30, 2015 to: Tim Womack, AAA Director, Appalachian Council of Governments, P. O. Box 6668, Greenville SC 29606 or No Phone Calls Please!
Tim Womack