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Somerby of Mount Pleasant
August 11, 2014
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Position Summary

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a primary provider of resident care. An NA promotes the physical, personal and emotional well being of each resident and strives to maintain the residents at their maximum level of self-care and independence. The ultimate goal of quality resident care is to enable each resident, where possible, to return to the highest level of functioning, to attain a new stage of independence, or to at least prevent regression. An active approach to resident care will be taken and not just passive maintenance.

Essential Responsibilities

Follow individualized plan of care (ISP) for each assigned resident. Observe residents for change in condition and report any changes immediately to nursing supervisor. Document daily care and red flags through out the shift especially rounds at night as they occur.
Check and record vital signs, weights, and blood sugars as assigned. Collect urine, stool, and sputum specimens as assigned. Assist with bowel and bladder needs, as per resident plan of care.
Provide for or assist residents with activities of daily living as needed, including bathing/showing according to schedule, oral care, toileting, dressing, etc. Perform restorative nursing techniques including proper positioning, ADL training, and Passive Range of Motion. Assist in providing appropriate information and behavioral prompts, cues, redirection, and affirming support to residents in need.
Encourage residents to participate in scheduled activities; assist residents in getting to activities. Coordinate and assist with activities as directed.
Assist residents with transfers and ambulation as directed, using proper body mechanics, back supports, and mechanical devices as required. Provide transportation for residents within facility and, at times, accompany to appointments outside facility.
Respond to urgent calls as assigned and in timely manner.
Provide back up support to other departments, as needed. Work as a team with nursing in support of resident care. Assists in problem solving in stand up communication or meetings with nurse and or Health Service Director.
Empty trash in resident’s rooms and other resident areas as needed. Keep resident’s rooms, dining area, utility room, and other areas of the facility clean and orderly. Keep environment safe for residents (hallways clear of equipment and floors free of debris and linen). Daily
Change bed linens according to facility policy. Provide laundry services as necessary. Daily
Requisition and charge resident supplies as needed. Daily
Maintain restraint free environment at all times. Support fall prevention programs for all residents in need. This include proactive intervention use, monitoring, safety in the rooms and rounds Daily
Help welcome and transfer residents according to facility procedure. Daily
Assist in post-mortem care as instructed. As needed
Obtain and demonstrate knowledge of the Masterpiece Living philosophy and its inherent core values of Commitment, Respect, Compassion, Dedication, Teamwork and Quality. Associates will support and participate in Masterpiece Living® (e.g., assist with feedback groups, assist in new initiatives, encourage residents and act as their “cheerleader”). Be familiar with and fluent in the language and details of Masterpiece Living. Ongoing
Perform other duties as assigned and as outlined in p and p and disaster and fire plan. Attend in-service classes and staff meetings. As needed

1 year
August 15, 2014
Apply in Person or email resume to
Sarah LeVasseur