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Research Opportunity

April 1, 2022
Charleston, South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina is conducting a study on cannabis use in the adult population.
Cannabis has become more widely used in recent years. As this substance rapidly becomes more popular, the focus has been on how it affects teenagers and young adults. However, cannabis use is also increasing rapidly among older adults. We are interested in studying adults 50-80 to see how cannabis cravings are affected by stress. We will also use brain imaging to investigate how the effects of cannabis. This project is designed to gather information about many factors to gain a better understanding of cannabis use.
This study includes 3 visits: 1 online and 2 in-person at MUSC. These visits will consist of questionnaires, memory and thinking tests, a brain MRI scan, and a stress test. Participants will also be asked to complete 5 minute questionnaires at home for 1 week. In total, participants will be in this study for about 2 weeks. All information will be kept completely confidential, and participants will be compensated for their time.

If you are interested please fill out this contact form:
Or contact Reyna Hickey at 843-792-5573 or for more information.

The Medical University of South Carolina is looking for adults 50-80 years old who use cannabis on a regular basis. Participants should be in generally good health. Participants are also not allowed to use any substances other than cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol during the duration of this project.
June 1, 2022
Anyone interested in participating in this study should fill out the contact form below:
You can also contact the Program Manger Reyna Hickey at:
Phone: 843-792-5573
Reyna Hickey
(843) 792-5573