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Alzheimer's Association South Carolina Chapter
August 17, 2023
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

We are looking for volunteers interested in getting involved with the Alzheimer's Association South Carolina chapter by delivering programs and helping out with other outreach activities in the Mount Pleasant area.

Volunteer Positions: Community educator *This is our greatest need*; Caregiver support group facilitator; Early-stage dementia engagement facilitator; Physician outreach volunteer; Speakers’ bureau volunteer; TrialMatch volunteer; Media or marketing volunteer; Administrative volunteer.

• Present a workshop.
o Deliver community education programs or awareness presentations using prepared training materials on topics related to Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias and memory loss as well as information for individuals and families impacted by the disease.
• Lead a support group.
o Help facilitate support groups that provide emotional, educational and social support to those caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia.
• Help with special events.
o Walk to End Alzheimer’s ®
o The Longest Day
o Ride to End Alz South Carolina
• Be an advocate for state & federal policies
o Communicating with elected officials via petitions, phone calls and other calls-to-action.

For those who are from different locations and are also interested, please feel free to contact us as well!
Learn more at:
Check out the variety of volunteer opportunities we offer, and then let us know which roles best fit your interests. If you have questions, please call us at 800-272-3900 or email us at

August 31, 2023
Sign up to get involved and create a profile at and contact our Program Manager, Debbie Schneider.
*We accept inquiries on an ongoing basis, no strict deadline*
Deborah Schneider
(843) 492-0472