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September 16, 2013
Greenville, South Carolina

The R.N. Case Manager is an integral part of the hospice interdisciplinary care team and
as such is responsible for coordinating the total care of the hospice patient and family.
Understanding that hospice care must be delivered according to accepted standards of
practice guided by the mission of the organization and the patient/family’s needs and
concerns, the Case Manager blends all services of the hospice into an integrated program
of support.
• Reports to the Director of Nurses/Supervising Nurse and/or Patient Care Coordinator
• Supervises Licensed Practical Nurses / Licensed Vocational Nurses and Hospice
Aides as assigned by the Director of Nurses /Supervising Nurse and/or Patient Care
• Work with the entire interdisciplinary team and volunteers
• Liaisons with community referrals, agencies, healthcare professionals and families to
provide greater understanding of hospice care and philosophy
Position Conditions
• High level of community visibility, especially with physicians, other health
professionals and providers of service
• Some supervisory and program development work outside of normal business hours
• Reliable transportation for patient care and program development required
• Work mostly in patient’s homes, which are not usually wheelchair accessible
• Contact with patient/families with risk of exposure to communicable disease
• Good listening skills and documentation skills required
• Legible handwriting required
Duties and Responsibilities
• Provides hospice admission information to the patient and family as required
• Provides comprehensive nursing assessments as directed by the interdisciplinary team
• Participates in developing the interdisciplinary team plan of care
• Provides patient care services as directed by the plan of care
• Supervises Licensed Practical Nurses / Licensed Vocational Nurses on assigned
• Supervises Hospice Aides on assigned patients
• Teaches appropriate palliative interventions to family members, other health
professionals and the community at large
• Evaluates patient care services as directed by the plan of care
• Assures the supervision at least every fourteen (14) days of Hospice Aides serving
assigned patients
• Reports changes in the patient’s condition to the DON/Supervising Nurse and/or
Patient Care Coordinator or designee, physician, or interdisciplinary team as
• Provides, as directed by governing laws and procedures, death pronouncement for
hospice patients
• Participates as directed by the bereavement plan of care in providing bereavement
• Provides accurate, timely, appropriate documentation of all services provided
• Attends team meetings and in-service as required
• Participates in presenting hospice related information to volunteers, other health care
organizations, and the community at large
• Uses appropriate communication skills and provides emotional support to the
patient/family as needed through good listening skills
• Contributes to program development through building relationship with potential
referral sources in the area assigned
• Follows all appropriate policies and procedures of Journey Healthcare
• Responsible to be on-call as assigned
• Carries out all other duties as assigned

• Current and valid STATE Registered Nurse license (in state of employment)
• LOUISIANA Registered Nurse Case Manager must be a licensed RN, currently
licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana with no restrictions; have at least 2 years
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Form HR-JD RNCM © 2008 Journey Healthcare, LLC. All Rights Reserved Revised 11/08
of full time experience as an RN; however, 2 years of full time clinical experience in
hospice care as a LPN may be substituted for the 2 years of experience as a RN.
• Must have current CPR certification.
• Personal car for travel or other method of reliable and flexible transportation
• Valid STATE driver’s license and current auto liability insurance
• Must have a clear state specific motor vehicle check as applicable
• Training in disease processes leading to death
• Training in control of pain and other symptoms
• Training in infection control and universal precautions
September 16, 2013
Please send resume to
Garland Fisher