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🎄 Now is a Time for Captioning 🎄

December 11, 2020

💚 Do you have a hard time hearing on the phone?
💚 Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves regularly on the phone?
💚 Do you avoid answering the phone or ask others to make calls for you?

If the answer is YES, you might be eligible for a no-cost captioned telephone! With an increased risk of Covid-19 keeping many people separated during the holidays, CaptionCall can help people with hearing loss that need captions to use the phone now more than ever. CaptionCall is a great way to understand phone calls better. It works just like a regular phone and has a large screen with big text for easy reading. Learn more below or contact Amanda Cox at 980-301-2581 or with any questions!

Step 1: Are You Eligible?
Our no-cost service is for people with hearing loss who need captions to effectively use the phone. Request our service to see if you qualify or talk to your audiologist.

Step 2: Request Service
If you have hearing loss and need captions, fill out our simple online form at, and use promo code 1653450. We'll contact you within 48hrs to arrange a time for installation.

Step 3: Installation and Training
Our professional team will confirm your qualifications, install the phone, and teach you how to use CaptionCall. There is no cost to you.

Step 4: Connect with Life
Enjoy captioned phone calls as you talk! By reading and hearing a conversation, you can feel more connected to your world.

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Amanda Cox
Amanda Cox
(980) 301-2581