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A Ride To Remember Supplies & Volunteers Request!

June 23, 2021

The 2021 A Ride To Remember is only 15 days away from the start of the amazing ride across the state of South Carolina. We have more than 400 cyclist participating this year and are in need of supplies and/or help to make the ride a success.

We have several ways you can help.

  1.  Amazon Gift List – a list of supplies you can purchase and have shipped to “Pam’s Address” at checkout. This eliminates the need for you to go to the store and deliver to the Alz Office in Greenville.


  1. We need packs of  canned Pepsi, Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite and Mtn Dew.   These are way to overpriced @ Amazon, so local purchases are more economical.   Please let me know what you plan to purchase and then bring them to the Greenville Alzheimer’s Association Office on Wednesday, July 7th between 10 am – 3 pm.
  2. We need to borrow ice chests.  If you have the regular size ice chests or the large “coffin” coolers – we would love to borrow them for the ride.  Please let me know what you could loan us.  These also need to be in the Greenville Alz office on Wednesday, July 7th.
  3. Come Volunteer to load or unload supplies into the trucks and vans on Thursday afternoon, July 8th.    Contact me and I’ll let you know when we plan to meet at the Alz office on Thursday.  We also need help unloading on Monday, July 12.

Thank you so much for your generosity in advance!

Our Riders have raised over $400,000 so far.   I personally can’t imagine riding 252 miles across South Carolina in July on a bicycle.  Huge thanks for those who do!

Pamela Turner

Central Admissions Specialist

South Atlantic Health Care

777 Lowndes Hill Road, Building 2 Suite 101

Greenville, SC, 29607

Phone: (864) 382-9359


Pam Turner
Pam Tuner
(864) 382-9359