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ABC Dementia Series

February 2, 2012

The ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) Dementia Series is a 3-week course that will be held at Senior Action in February and taught by Paula Cargill, LISW-CP, ACSW, LNHA. Paula is a graduate clinical gerontologist, licensed in SC as an independent social worker in clinical practice and nursing home administrator, with seminary and university degrees. She is a specialist in services to aging, frail adults and their caregivers in social, family, and healthcare settings, as well as a consultant in long term care facilities, rehabilitation and adult day care.

All classes are free and open to seniors, caregivers of seniors, or professionals working with seniors. It is recommended that you attend all 3 classes. Please register at Senior Action by Monday, February 13.

Class 1: Nonverbal and Verbal Communication
Wednesday, February 15
2:00 pm

Class 2: Coping with Anger, Aggression, and Anxiety
Wednesday, February 22
2:00 pm

Class 3: Environmental Safety
Wednesday, February 29
2:00 pm

Emily Bobbitt
Emily Bobbitt