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Aging In Place in the Upstate

April 14, 2005

In 2004 the S.C. Aging-In-Place Coalition was formed as a 501(c)(3) entity. Initially there was a Charleston Chapter under this statewide organization. There was some interest last year in forming an Upstate chapter. At the time the proposal was to do this as a special interest section of the Upstate Senior Network. There was not sufficient interest last year to pursue this path.

The mission of this entity is to advocate for people to prepare to remain at home; independently, comfortably and safely. Last November, during National Aging In Place Week, the Charleston Chapter organized an event for seniors, family members and providers to hear presentations and then participate in roundtable discussions about various issues involved in aging in place.

Please send me an email if you are interested in participating. Participation may require some commitment in terms of contributing your time and talent to get this going. If you are only interested in being on a mailing list, this is probably not for you.

If sufficient interest is shown, we will organize a meeting in the coming weeks.

Bill Hartzell