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Bring back the Hugs!!

January 6, 2021

Pubished in All About Seniors of the Upstate Winter/Spring 2021 Edition

By Tina Presley, President Mobility City Upstate South Carolina

Lessons Learned from a Pandemic: Staying safe and protecting our loved ones

When can we hug again?

Our nation went through a lot in 2020.  Our economy, jobs, and social lives all took significant hits.  We transitioned to working from home, wearing masks, experiencing isolation and massive shutdowns.  Even though we are working with new protocols, the way we greet people has changed too. We miss the handshakes and hugs, but the need for human interaction is still there. This makes us all wonder "what will the future hold in 2021?”  Will there be another outbreak? Will there be another flu or virus that will be worse than this one?  Another new protocol?  We can guess, but no one really knows. People do the best they can with what is presented to them each day.

In March, when this all began, we diligently washed our hands and used countless disinfecting wipes in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease. People began wearing masks in social settings. As we look beyond today’s problem and ask “what’s next?”, we need to look at ways to kill multiple pathogens, not just Covid-19, in a cost effective and safe manner for our families, friends, co-workers and clients. In an effort to function in a working or living environment, disinfecting entry areas, dining rooms, living spaces, and kitchens with a virus-killing mist is going to be another level of protection that will help keep us safe.

Better Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Mask wearers, you may find it interesting to know there is a mask on the market that actually prevents bacteria and viruses from living on the surface. It works by including highly positive charged fibers inside the shield’s filtration material.  The mask is ACTIVELY killing the bacteria that can cause you to get sick. Each mask is effective up to 48 hours. Studies show viruses can survive on the surface of traditional masks for 7 days.  People spread secondary infections by touching traditional masks when they have other germs and bacteria on their hands.

Dry-Foggers are an absolutely revolutionary technology 

Dry-Foggers not only disinfect the area but leave a residual effect to kill pathogens for many days.  Steam cleaning equipment kills 99.9% of pathogens and bacteria, but by adding a dry fog solution it will continue to repel bacteria and germs to prevent them from building up after your equipment is cleaned. AND the equipment is safe to use immediately after treatment, no one even has to leave the room.

Which Fogger and Solution to Choose

It’s important that the product is environmentally friendly, FDA/CDC approved, hypo-allergenic, and organic/non-toxic to seniors. It needs to have a broad-spectrum efficacy and be cost effective.

There are many disinfectant foggers on the market to choose from. Most will kill a broad spectrum of pathogens including COVID-19, influenza, Ebola, MRSA, etc., but not all are non-toxic and cannot be used around food, seniors, and children.

When to consider a fogging solution

We all want to help make the community we share a safer place. Consider a fogging solution if:

  • You have a facility where you are battling germs and bacteria, even pre-pandemic
  • You have areas frequented often and inhabited for lengthy periods of time (has increased potential for contamination from harmful diseases and dangerous bacteria)
  • You want to keep your living space as clean as possible with a verified formula to distinguish viruses.
  • You have a gym, spa, or sports complex where germs spread rapidly
  • You have a church/meeting space where people congregate and are at a higher risk for spreading germs.
  • You employ healthcare workers or offer services to seniors and visit multiple locations daily.

A fogging solution is a good opportunity to bring back social events at a distance and eventually bring back the hugs into our homes and workspaces.

Tina Pressley is a creative trainer, speaker, yoga instructor, technology writer, published author, and business owner. As the owner of Mobility City Upstate SC she feels she has endless opportunities to fulfill her passion of getting people excited about the things she is passionate about.  Contact her at 864-208-9270. Follow us on Facebook @mobilityCityUpstateSC or twitter @scmobility and share your story with us.

Tina Pressley, Mobility City
Tina Pressley