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November 4, 2020

Compare Medicare health and drug plans
Just as your health care needs can change from year to year, so do Medicare plans. And not all plans offer the same benefits. Open Enrollment is your chance to review your Medicare coverage options, and find the best fit for you.
Here are some things to consider when shopping for Medicare coverage:
• Check if your doctors are still in-network and your prescriptions are on the plan's list of covered drugs, or "formulary."
• With historically low plan premiums, be sure to also consider the plan's deductible and other out-of-pocket costs that factor into a plan's total costs.
• Some plans offer extra benefits, like vision, hearing, or dental coverage, that could help meet your needs in 2021.
Visit through December 7 to compare plans and make any changes. If you decide to change plans, your new coverage will start January 1.
The Medicare Team
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