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Early Stage Dementia Support Group

January 15, 2009

The Early Stage Dementia Support Group, sponsored by the Alzheimer?s Association South Carolina Chapter, is open to new members at this time.

Persons in the early stage of Alzheimer?s disease, vascular dementia or other related disorders and their care partner are invited to call to schedule an interview. In Greenville, the group will begin meeting twice a month at County Square in February. The focus will be getting to know one another through a variety of social activities. In addition, discussion may include such topics as cognitive changes, health and wellness, driving and safety issues, changing family relationships, reminiscing and coping techniques. At times, facilitators will meet with the persons with dementia for a confidential group experience while family care partners meet separately as a group.

There is no charge. Interested persons are encouraged to call the Greenville Alzheimer?s Association Office at 250-0029 or 866-844-0995 for more information.

Sheila Lewis