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Elder Mediation Services from Browning Geriatric Consulting

September 18, 2008

What happens when seniors face major life transitions and their adult children are embroiled in painful and unresolved conflict? Issues like residence decisions, distribution of caregiving responsibilities, safety and health concerns, the sale of the family home, and more can divide a family for years to come. When communication is difficult and critical decisions are put on hold, families may need help to get them "unstuck" so they can move forward.

Browning Geriatric Consulting, LLC is now able to offer seniors and their family members Elder Mediation Services. When an important family discussion is needed about a developing major life transition, Browning Geriatric Consulting can simply convene a family meeting to create the space for everyone to be heard. This type of meeting can strengthen family ties and enable all family members to deal with the changing nature of their relationships and the realities of their situation.

Elder mediation helps families to successfully grapple with and receive direction on caring for aging family members. A core value of Elder mediation is the protection of the rights and integrity of seniors. Our Geriatric Care Managers act as neutrals but look to families to consider ways to enhance a senior's quality of life and maximize independence whenever possible.

For more information or to refer someone to Elder Mediation, please contact Browning Geriatric Consulting at 864-233-5260.

Alexandra V. Caro
Jennifer L. Browning