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January 22, 2015


We are pioneering an innovative delivery of physical therapy services for individuals with chronic conditions, a missing link in the continuum of care, Group Physical Therapy Exercise Classes for wellness and prevention. Classes are perfect for patients who have completed physical therapy but still need to exercise under safe guidance and encouragement of a physical therapist. They are also perfect for individuals trying to manage chronic conditions.

Using fun music seniors love throughout the class we combine physical therapy theory, principles and treatment into small group physical therapy exercise classes for individuals with chronic conditions.

Physical therapy is usually expensive and short term while individuals need to continue to exercise for wellness and prevention. Our classes are for wellness and prevention, the next step after individual therapy.

ALL CLASSES ARE DESIGNED AND LEAD BY PHYSICAL THERAPIST. No referral is necessary, patients just need to know that this resource is available.

We offer classes:

Balance: steady and secure
Balance: Quick and agile
Arthritis: Strengthen and stretch
Osteoporosis: stronger bones, better balance
Parkinson’s disease: (several levels of classes are offered)
General wellness and fitness for seniors.
Spinal strengthening and core strengthening

This is a completely new and affordable delivery of physical therapy post rehab care.
This is a unique service and idea. Linking rehabilitation with wellness. Please see our website for details of our services.
845 NE Main St, Simpsonville, SC. 29681

Thank you for your interest.

Patrice Hazan, PT, DPT, GCS, MA
Patrice Hazan