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Homestead Hospice Celebrates 10 Years!

August 22, 2017

Homestead Hospice was founded in 2007 after one of our principals experienced hospice for a loved one. The experience with hospice care was not what the family expected. They found hospice to be adept at managing physical pain, but very mechanical in their approach to the emotional, spiritual and psycho-social issues that the family was dealing with during their loved one's illness. They knew that hospice was established to bring a more holistic approach to the entire family versus traditional medical care but there was a lack of fulfillment of those needs for the family members.

Homestead Hospice started as a local hospice in Roswell, Georgia, serving the metro Atlanta area. As word spread of the great service that was being offered, the company grew. New programs were created as new patients showed the way to a better journey.

Our Nurturing Arts Program gives patients a creative outlet to express their feelings and a way to enjoy music, dance and theater without leaving the comforts of their place of residence. We are happy to offer volunteers with all different skills to lighten and brighten the days of our patients and their loved ones. We are proud to be able to offer relief and joy to the families in our lives.

Now in our tenth year of service, we are proud to provide the best in care throughout our community. We attribute our longevity to our outstanding staff and volunteers and we continue to help families and their loved ones throughout South Carolina.

Garland Fisher
Garland Fisher