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Joint Legislative Committee on Aging annual hearing

April 30, 2009

Joint Legislative Committee on Aging
Annual Public Hearing
Scheduled for 1 PM on May 14
in Room 101 of the Blatt Building

Rep. Denny Neilson, Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Aging, announces that its annual public hearing will be held on Thursday, May 14 at 1:00 p.m. or upon adjournment in Room 101 of the Blatt House Office Building.

Preregistration for those who desire to testify is required, due to the anticipated number of persons wanting to comment upon current or emerging issues confronting South Carolina as it prepares for the doubling of the number of persons 65 and older. Additionally, each presenter will be allotted three minutes to provide a synopsis of their testimony. (Because May 14 falls at the end of the legislative session and the House and Senate calendars are unknown, the Chairperson has asked that all presenters keep their remarks brief-- to the allotted 3 minutes.)

These written comments will be compiled to form a record of the public hearing, which will be posted on the Lt. Governor?s Office on Aging website after the annual public meeting.

Accordingly, individuals wishing to speak must register by providing an electronic copy of their written remarks by May 12, 2009 to Each speaker is also required to provide 15 hard copies of their full remarks for members of the Joint Committee on the day of the hearing.

Individuals planning to speak should contact Gerry Dickinson at or by telephone at (803) 734-9867 to sign up by May 12, 2009.

Members of the Joint Legislative Committee on Aging
Representative Denny Neilson, Chair (Darlington)
Representative Walton McLeod (Newberry)
Representative B.R. Skelton (Pickens)
Senator Ronnie Cromer (Newberry)
Senator Glenn Reese (Spartanburg)
Senator Yancey McGill (Williamsburg)
The Honorable Bill Riser (Lexington)
Ms. Linda Mitchell Johnson (Florence)
Mr. Ollie Johnson (Columbia)

Frank Adams
Gerry Dickinson