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Laws Regarding VA Benefits May Soon Change, Best to Plan Now

July 1, 2017

Many seniors in our community rely on their VA Benefits in order to remain at home, or in assisted living or skilled care facilities. A veteran couple can receive $2127.00, a single veteran $1794.00 or a surviving spouse, $1153.00 in monthly cash benefit to cover their costs of care. It's best to use an Elder Law Attorney who is a Veteran's Accredited Claims Agent instead of going straight to the VA office because there are many moving parts in qualifying or planning to qualify in the future. There is a lot of hype right now about the laws changing and making it harder to qualify. The law makers are getting very close to making this happen which means some people have to start planning at least three years out before they can qualify. If you, your parents, your residents, or the people you care for are potential candidates for these benefits, we suggest they look into planning or applying sooner than later so they are not affected by the new upcoming law changes. This VA benefit program has been in effect since 1954 and has made the difference between financial independence to pay of for care verses having to apply for Medicaid Long Term Care.

Jennifer Gordon Tri County Elder Law
Jennifer Gordon