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Midlands SPINmail Launch

November 9, 2016

Welcome to SPIN, the Senior Professional Industry Network!

You have been subscribed because you are a senior industry professional in the Midlands area. SPIN is an interactive "Senior Industry" platform that allows you to send and receive information regarding EVENTS, EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES, JOBS and NEWS & DEVELOPMENTS. SPIN is successfully used when professionals share information.

SPIN is a free service to those in the senior profession. It is free to post and receive SPINMails. We do offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities. You can become a sponsor, and have your company logo listed on every single Midland's SPINMail by emailing

If you are interested in receiving SPINMails from the Charleston and Upstate market, you can easily sign up for one or both of those lists by updating your preferences. To do this, you must scroll to the bottom of this email and click on "update profile." You can make any changes to the types of emails you wish to receive on that screen.

Anyone can join the SPIN mailing list; however we only send emails that are related to the senior industry. Some of the emails that you may send out include:

- Networking events

- Educational seminars on topics like Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, etc.

- Fundraiser's for a non-profit group

- Job openings

- General announcements

- Holiday parties at Senior Centers, Assisted Livings, etc. that are open to the public.

NOTE: All EVENT and EDUCATION SPINMails are posted to the "SPIN Calendar" and can be viewed at anytime.

How Do I Post a SPINMail? Simply go to and determine which category your SPIN fits into (event, education, job, or news). Then, fill out the form and set the date you want your SPINMail to be released to the public. Review your submission and hit submit.

We make a conscious effort to not allow any SPINMails to be sent out that consider spam. Each SPIN submission is carefully reviewed and evaluated. This is not a place to try and sell your service or product. Because SPINMails must go through a review process, we ask that anyone wishing to submit a SPINMail do so at least 7 days in advance.

If you no longer wish to receive SPINMails, you can always unsubscribe by scrolling to the end of this email and clicking "unsubscribe."

If you have any questions about SPIN or what is appropriate to submit, please contact Betsey Poore at

Share this service with your friends in the industry and help us grow our subscription list to help make the senior professional community in the Midlands the best that it can be!

Betsey Poore