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NEW Early Stage Engagement Opportunity!!!

August 12, 2019

Starting in September, the Alzheimer's Association will be able to offer some wonderful early stage engagement opportunities in the Anderson area, thanks to Kathleen Guilbault with Caris Healthcare.

Kathleen has completed the online training to become part of our team as an Early-Stage Social Engagement Leader. ESSE Leaders plan, implement and assure positive experiences for people living with memory loss and their care partners during social engagement activities and events. As an ESSE leader, she will provide hospitality, support and volunteer oversight at social engagement events. and will be part of our plan to expand our reach into the community.

You can learn more at our website:

Connections Meet-Up, Anderson!
4th Thursday of the month (3rd Thursday in Nov/Dec) at 2pm
Location varies month-to-month
Contact Kathleen Guilbault in order to register and get the location for each month's activity location. 864-225-3139

Jamie A. Guay, Program Director
Jamie Guay, CDP, Program Director
(864) 250-0029