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New TV Show For Seniors

March 6, 2008

Greenville, SC: Beginning Monday, March 31st, seniors in the Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg area will be able to tune in to a unique new TV show focused on senior lifestyles, senior issues and a host of senior-related matters. All About Seniors will air each Monday from 7:00pm ? 7:30pm on Charter TV 10 and will feature experts in a wide array of subjects concerning seniors. The show?s co-host will be Missy Johnson and Bill Sweezy, both of whom are well-known by major senior organizations throughout the Carolinas. They are also the publishers of the very successful All About Seniors magazines, a resource and referral directory with over 200,000 copies distributed throughout the Upstate during its first two years of publication.

?We are delighted to be a part of this exciting, entertaining and informative new show,? said Missy Johnson. ?It?s a very positive and upbeat show with lots of fun and entertaining guests. We will also feature leading experts from a variety of fields that will provide helpful information and advice,? she remarked. ?A unique part of the show will be the ?Senior Spotlight? feature which will pay tribute to either an outstanding senior or in some cases, a non-senior who is providing a valuable or extraordinary service for seniors in the Upstate area,? commented Bill Sweezy.? The show will also provide information on upcoming senior events and opportunities that they might otherwise not know about?, he said.

The show is being produced by Three Point Oh! Productions, a leading video and TV production company based in Greenville, S.C. ?Our objective is to produce a premium quality show that not only informs but also entertains seniors in the Upstate area,? said Jack Marks, president of the company. ?There will be opportunities for seniors to provide

input and suggestions regarding subjects they?d like to see discussed on the shows. Our goal is to provide a show that not only addresses their concerns, but also celebrates the benefits, opportunities and enjoyment of being a senior,? he said.

?We chose to air the show on Charter TV 10 for a variety of reasons,? stated Nelson Wheeler, the creator and producer of the show. ?We wanted to focus on the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson market area and showcase the outstanding facilities, resources and lifestyles available to seniors here. In addition, we wanted to air the show at a time period that would be easily accessible for seniors and the 7:00pm - 7:30pm is perfect. The fact that Charter has more than 300,000 subscribers in the GSA area makes the show available to a large percentage of senior viewers,? he said.

All About Seniors plans to air a new show each week. The shows will be taped in front of a live senior audience and production of the first shows is already underway. ?We felt the time has come for a show like this,? said Wheeler. ?The support we?ve gained has been very exciting. The enthusiastic response of the seniors who?ve attended a taping of the show has been very exciting and convinced us we?ve got something they?ll really enjoy watching,? he added.

So if you?re a senior, break out the popcorn and plant yourself in front of the TV to watch All About Seniors. It promises to be a new topic of discussion among Upstate seniors and is expected to be a big success.

Three Point Oh! Productions
Nelson Wheeler