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Our dear friend Nancy Eaker passed away today

June 29, 2022

We lost a dear friend today! I started thinking about what I could say about Nancy when I saw her niece's post on FB...I couldn't say anymore or say it any better:
Early this morning, with my parents present, my ‘bigger than life’, “Superman cape wearing”, ‘could answer any problem’, ‘sharp as a tack’ beloved aunt, Nancy Elizabeth Lazenby Eaker, answered the call to come home. Less than 2 months ago, she and my mom lost their brother.
Life is not for sissies. Nancy worked harder, well into her late 80’s, and had forgotten more than most of her peers have ever learned.
To so many she was always just, “Nancy”. To the Junior Achievement kids she was, “Miss Nancy”…. To me she “Grand Nancy”, and to my kids she was “Grand Nana”…… and to the police department downtown, she was a grandmother, mentor, and a ray of laughter in what could sometimes be a very dark place…..
There is a very deep hole in all of our hearts. Nancy could brighten most any situations with her antics and child like observations. She loved to shop at Fred’s and the Dollar Tree often buying loads and loads of supplies in July, August, and September, to give to school kids in the fall. She bought toys in February, March, April, and May to squirrel away for the Children’s Shelter’s kids at Christmas.
She had a heart of gold, the spirit of a 10 year old, a love of chocolate, respect for her peers, and would take up a sword for an elderly person in need. I often was grateful she didn’t know how to operate a Gatling gun when she heard of any case of elder neglect.
Nancy was easy to love, always endeared, and she could accomplish more with a simple phone call.
Her absence will leave a painfully quiet spot in our hearts and lives. Mentally, still at the top of her game, she could remember any face and could remember the last conversation you had with her 40 years ago…..
There will never be another Nancy in my lifetime, but God knows that the world will be a better place for so so many people because of her.

Gail Stokes
Gail Stokes
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