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Our Seniors ” Are Loved On Valentine’s Day” Rose Dellivery

February 9, 2021

February 8, 2021
Author/Source: William E Sweezy, All About Seniors, Striped Rock, LLC

February 14, 2021 is a very special day (Valentine’s Day) for most Americans. It is when people show their love in a very special way. It is unfortunate that most of our seniors, do not get to experience Valentine’s day as they once did with most of them being without a significant other. This Valentine’s Day will be one that we have all experienced more loss than in many years. With the pandemic still putting a dark shadow on our communities, our seniors have been alone more than ever before with the required quarantine guidelines still in place.

Four compassionate and dedicated companies that provide key services to our seniors have teamed up to help make this Valentine’s Day a very special one. All About Seniors, Dynamic Mobile Imaging, McLeod Home Care and Pathway Hospice will be delivering a ROSE and a Special Valentine’s Card to over 300 seniors in several senior communities throughout the Midlands area. It is a way for us to show them that they “Are Loved On This Valentine’s Day”.

The delivery dates are Wednesday, Feb. 10th and Friday February12th.

All About Seniors                          888.365.3908
Dynamic Mobile Imaging    803.977.0593
McLeod Home Care                          803.233.3343
Pathway Hospice              803.391.3146

William Sweezy, All About Seniors
William Sweezy
(704) 965-2868