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Pickens County Meals on Wheels Appeal for Help

July 31, 2023

Today, on behalf of Pickens County Meals on Wheels (PCMOW), I reach out to you with a heavy heart and an urgent appeal for your help.

On June 9th, the McKissick Center encountered a shocking misfortune. Our facility sustained extensive water damage during an unexpected severe rainstorm. I arrived on Monday, June 10th to face 1” of water inside the west side of the building. It was truly sickening and overwhelming. The relentless downpour caused significant damage to our facility. We have been informed that our insurance has rejected the claim to repair the damage.

The McKissick Center is the hub of the Meals on Wheels operation and home to one of our Young at Heart senior centers. We have worked diligently to continue our mission during this time of adversity.

The damage sustained amounted to a staggering $20,000 – a sum that we, unfortunately, do not have in our budget. Our priority has always been to allocate every dollar towards providing nourishing meals and companionship to the seniors we serve, leaving little room for unexpected setbacks such as this.

Right at this moment, we are pounding the pavement, turning over every stone, to find the funds to repair the facility. Through a generous donor, we have been offered a match up to the first $5000 received from this appeal.

I humbly request a one-time emergency donation to help PCMOW recover from this crushing incident and ensure that our operations can continue uninterrupted. Your contribution, no matter the size, will go a long way in alleviating the financial burden we now face.

Our senior programs are crucial to helping seniors maintain their nutritional health, feel connected in the community through our caring volunteers and staff. Our programs bring joy and hope into their lives, and we cannot imagine any disruption of service due to an unfortunate incident.

The ability with which PCMOW is able to achieve its mission is due to the generosity of the community it serves. At no time has your generosity been more important as we provide services that help hundreds of seniors each year maintain their nutritional health, independence, and quality of life.

Here’s how your donation can make a difference:
• Your contribution will enable PCMOW to repair the damage, ensuring a safe and conductive environment for our dedicated staff and volunteers.
• This support will ensure that PCMOW programs remain fully operational.
Without your generous support, PCMOW would not exist. This is why I am turning to you now, to help us overcome this hurdle.

Please visit our website to make your one-time gift or mail your check to 349 Edgemont Avenue, Liberty, SC 29657. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will bring us closer to our goal of repairing the facility damage and ensuring that our wheels keep rolling.

On behalf of our board, staff, and most importantly, those we serve, we THANK you!

Pickens County Meals on Wheels
349 Edgemont Ave.
Liberty, SC 29657

Kim Valentin
Kim Valentin
(864) 855-3770