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PruittHealth Hospice Offering Limited Supply of Fans

August 10, 2020

The state of South Carolina offers many wonderful things. One offering that many have trouble with is incredibly high summer temperatures and associated humidity. PruittHealth Hospice recognizes that hot, humid weather can be especially hard for people with underlying health issues.
While most healthy people tolerate summertime changes without missing a beat. People with underlying health conditions, or older people whose bodies don’t respond as readily to stress as they once did, have a much harder time, and may succumb to heat related illnesses.
If you have a patient suffering due to declining health without air conditioning and experiencing restrictions due to heat and social distancing, we are here to help. PruittHealth Hospice is donating and delivering fans to patients. We have a limited supply so please contact your local PruittHealth Hospice Community Relations Representative as soon as you identify a patient we can assist.
Please let me know how I can help!
Zach Wall
Phone: (864)923-8438

Zach Wall
Zach Wall
(864) 923-8438