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Senior Citizen Holiday Gala

March 12, 2019

The Resident Services Department of the Greenville Housing Authority plans and implements programs and activities that are designed to enhance the well-being of our residents, improve their quality of lives, and propel them to a life of increased self-sufficiency. For our senior citizens, we also have an essential mission to help them to age comfortably in place, while identifying areas of lack where we can connect them with the necessary local resources.

This year, we are hosting a Holiday Gala for our senior citizens, and we have a goal of sponsoring 150 of them. We are also anticipating approximately 100 senior citizens from other Housing Authorities across SC & NC.

We are seeking sponsorships from churches, agencies, and organizations in our community. For information on sponsorship packages, please contact:

Kimberly Reynolds, Resident Services Manager
864-371-6257 or

Kimberly Reynolds
Kimberly Reynolds
(864) 371-6257