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STRIPED ROCK, LLC Continues Expansion of Products and Services to the Senior Industry

October 24, 2019

STRIPED ROCK, LLC Continues Expansion of Products and Services to the Senior Industry!

With great excitement, Striped Rock, LLC has expanded S.P.I.N. & SeniorsEngage into the Greater Charlotte market, becoming active today. With our ongoing partnership with the Better Business Bureau who has managed the BBB Grapevine over the last 10 plus years, it was agreed that is was time for S.P.I.N. and to take it to the next level of digital communication to Seniors, Caregivers and Industry Professionals. This expands the overall subscriber audience into the thousands.

S.P.I.N was the first of its kind in the state of South Carolina, launching in the Upstate in 2006 and expanding into 3 of the 4 All About Seniors Resource and Referral Directory markets. It has continued as the go-to communication tool for the senior industry.

With the expansion, we have also added a brand new feature which allows those who post on the site to upload an “Event Flyer” in a PDF format.

As a reminder of the great features that S.P.I.N. & offer, you are able to RSVP and add Events and Education to your calendar. Also, don’t forget to “Share” any of the posts with your friends and colleagues via the other social media links at the top. At the bottom of the you may “Refer A Friend” to join the site.
S.P.I.N. will continue to send the Daily Digest out up to 5 days a week and SeniorsEngage will be sent only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you wish to receive S.P.I.N. and or for the Greater Charlotte market, scroll to the bottom of a S.P.I.N. email and click on: “update your preferences” You will be able to add Charlotte to your preferences.

In the near future, Striped Rock, LLC will publish it’s first edition of the All About Seniors Grand Strand and will also launch S.P.I.N. and SeniorsEngage for that area as well.

We want to thank everyone who has continued to put their trust in us and allow us to market your products and services to the Senior Communities around the Carolinas. We will always continue to improve on our Value-Added services.

We look forward to helping local seniors and caregivers thrive and navigate aging successfully!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Bill Sweezy
President, Striped Rock, LLC

William Sweezy, Publisher/ President
William Sweezy
(704) 965-2868