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The All About Seniors Recipe for Success in 2011

December 29, 2010

What is your recipe for success in 2011?

In celebrating the New Year, All About Seniors, SPIN, & Striped Rock would like to share our recipe for success in 2011.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to continue to provide your most trusted senior resources.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and fulfilling New Year!


Our 2011 Recipe for Success

? An IMMEASURABLE AMOUNT OF PASSION, Senior Industry Knowledge and Practical Resources (the more, the better!)
? 1 YEAR?S WORTH OF SPECIAL EVENTS, including a generous helping of Caregiver Awards, Memory Walk, Upstate Senior Network, SCARCH, SCALFA, Senior Expos, Prime of Life TV, Forget Me Not Ball, Ride to Remember, Sweetheart Ball, Wheels for Meals, SC Gerontological Meetings, Educational Conferences, and just a few Committees
? GENEROUS HELPING OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT from Clients, Partners and Supporters
? A HANDFUL OF SPINMAILS each day to keep you connected
? Dose of the ?LATEST, GREATEST? SENIOR INFORMATION from Federal, State and Local Levels
? GALLONS of Starbucks, Liquid Hwy, & Coffee Underground (rocket fuel to keep us moving!)

? Stir the Passion, Senior Industry Knowledge and Practical Resources together in a 12 month year.
? Mix in several Special Events with Board Membership Meetings and Committee Chair positions.
? Pour a generous helping of Starbucks, Liquid Hwy, or Coffee Underground to propel deliveries in nine counties.
? Add a heaping dose of the ?Latest, Greatest? Senior Information from Federal, State and Local buckets.
? Top with personal, diverse front cover photos in eye-popping colors.
? Bake, freeze, thaw and run to deliver three very special editions.

If you can?t find your recipe, not to worry? go to
Best if enjoyed fresh (hot off the press and cold out of the trunk) but each hard copy has a long shelf life.

Your All About Seniors Friends
Missy Johnson