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The Orchestra of Senior Move Management

June 1, 2021

The Orchestra of Senior Move Management
Kiera DesChamps, MA, SMM-C, Certified Senior Move Manager
WayForth, General Manager

The conductor of an orchestra scans their audience before stepping up on the podium. They then scan the orchestra for preparedness, precision, and pulse. The seated audience eagerly anticipates and awaits the performance. The auditorium is quiet and still as this large group of professional musician’s inhale at the lifting of the conductor’s baton. In sync the musicians exhale and the sound of a choreographed movement begins to fill the room.
An orchestra is comprised of a professional group of musicians performing on the string, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. The diverse make up of musical instruments is what makes an orchestra worth watching, otherwise, it would be a solo concert.
Imagine having a conversation with your family about the possibilities of moving. You have been living in your family home for the past thirty years. This is your first and only home where you lived as a newlywed, to being the place where your grandchildren love to sit at your kitchen counter. It is a conversation that you have been playing in your head for some time but saying it out loud is too painful. The reality is that your home is too spacious, the yard and garden is a lot to maintain, and you want to live in an area close to your friends and family. However, every time you think about having this conversation and moving forward with your transition, it paralyzes you. The amount of preparation and work will be overwhelming, and you feel like it will take forever. Where do you begin?
The Senior Move Management industry likens itself to a conductor of an orchestra. It is a professional industry focused on directing and facilitating families through a life transition. Whether the client decides to move or age in place, a senior mover manager will assist with all logistics. In sync the logistical parts of their transition the clients and families exhale as the senior move manager begins their work. The logistics of this transition, like the instruments needing to be guided, must be carefully planned, and supported for precision.
First, it is imperative that you find an accredited Senior Move Manager (SMM). The National Association for Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) members specialize in reducing and managing the stress of relocating older adults, individuals, and families. “NASMM Move Managers have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results. Services are client-centered and personalized to meet your specific needs and preferences.” During this discovery process, the Senior Move Manager will better understand your needs, the needs of your family, all while creating a specialized plan that works for you.
Depending upon whether you have a home selected, or whether you will need assistance selecting a realtor, the next step in the process will be floor planning. An accredited Senior Move Manager will create a floor plan for you to visualize living in your new home. The customized space plan will show proper furniture placement so that you can make decisions for the items that do not fit. They understand the stress wrapped into the logistics of making decisions about your “stuff”. The floor planning process is a mental first step in the decision-making process.
The last step in orchestrating your needs is to help you decide what to do with your “stuff”. Do you love it, like it, need it? Can you gift it, repurpose it, donate or sell it? These are the questions that often need assistance with answering. Have you decided on a new home, or are you early in the process? Do you have a realtor, or do you plan to simply downsize and keep your home? A Senior Move Manager will coordinate your needs and plan all your logistics, schedule your subcontractors, and partner with you along the way.
At the end of the performance, the conductor slowly lowers his baton. The musicians rest and place their instruments on their laps. The conductor begins to exhale as they think about the amazing concert that was just performed. The conductor turns around to their audience, who is in standing ovation, with loud applause and admiration. They take a bow for a job well done. In this moment they realize that they have orchestrated what seemed an unimaginable task. However, because they are experts who understand the needs of their audience, they can deliver.
A Senior Move Manager is your partner from the beginning and throughout your life’s transition.

Kiera DesChamps, MA, HS-BCP is the General Manager of WayForth in Charlotte, NC. She is a Certified Senior Move Manager. She was groomed for the move management industry since her childhood as a military brat and then being married to a USAF veteran. With over 25 years of experience in the roles of counselor and educator, she is always excited about the opportunity to serve others.

Kiera DesChamps, MA, HS-BCP, General Manager of WayForth
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