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Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes Welcomes Dan Kirkpatrick

July 10, 2023

Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes Welcomes Unique Staff Associate

For more than three decades, Dan Kirkpatrick has shepherded the ill, the dying, and their families through the morass of health care directives and spiritual crises. Now, in what he envisions as the “last chapter” of his career, his intense caregiving focus has shifted to mentoring this generation of health care professionals in their care of the dying and bereaved.

As the new Director of Grief Resources and Education at Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes in Greenville, South Carolina, Dan knows the turf well. He has participated many times in the funeral home’s annual grief seminar under the direction of his predecessor, Brenda Atkinson who served in a similar role as the funeral home’s Continuing Care Coordinator over her 15 year-career until her retirement in March. Now, Dan says he stands on Brenda’s shoulders in carrying out the McAfee family’s vision for providing top-quality in-service education to the health care professionals of the South Carolina upstate.

Dan may be contacted at 864-232-6733

Jay Mcafee
Jay Mcafee
(864) 232-6733