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Urgent Need

November 9, 2007

Dear Friend of Senior Action,

Senior Action is celebrating its 40th birthday serving the needs of seniors in our community. During those years there has been enormous successes and lives touched by our programs. There have also been struggles and challenges that we have overcome time and again.

We are experiencing those struggles currently. For the past several years, Senior Action has experienced a decline in our sources of funding while our expenses have continued to grow. Last year, Senior Action sold their main office and facility and moved the agency?s headquarters to a new location. This move put considerable strain on the agency, disrupted services, and incurred additional expenses. In the Spring of this year, the board hired a new CEO. Since that time the agency has been completely restructured, completed a reduction in force, and programs were revised.

Positive change is happening. Participation in our programs is growing. Membership is increasing every month. Partnerships and collaborations with other community agencies are being formed. Unfortunately, it takes more time than we have to see the fruits of these efforts.

Over the years, Senior Action has served thousands of people and provided assistance to people with no other source for care. Last year alone, we served over 5,500 people with needs from medical equipment to access ramps to insurance assistance to referrals to medical care and more. We served 50,000 hot meals at our 9 locations. We drove over 300,000 miles to provide transportation. We assisted with gaining new skills and developing new hobbies. We helped people begin a fitness program, some for the first time in their life. Senior Action has meant a great deal to so many in our community and continues to strive to provide high quality, needed services every day.

Senior Action urgently needs your financial help at this time. We are the only provider of many of these programs and the community will loose a great service without your help. Please consider financially supporting this agency. We thank you for your support of Senior Action. If you have questions or information, please contact me at 467-3660.


Andrea Smith
Executive Director/CEO
Senior Action, Inc.

Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith