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USN Greenville Chapter Meeting Sponsors

January 29, 2020

Lunches for our monthly USN meetings are graciously provided by our sponsors, and in Greenville we have space for up to 2 sponsors a month. Sponsors arrange for the meal, share the cost of the meal, and must be USN members. Benefits of being a sponsor include a 5-6 minute "commercial" each to the lunch attendees, the opportunity to leave marketing materials at each lunch table, and recognition in the meeting notices. Naturally you can sponsor a lunch by yourself if you would like the entire commercial time!

In Greenville, we have sponsorship opportunities for our March, June, July (2) and October meetings.

Please RSVP or email me if you would like to sign up or would like to learn more! Thanks.

(864) 527-0464

Bruce Meyer, Chairman USN Greenville
Bruce Meyer
(864) 527-0464