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Welcome To S.P.I.N. & SeniorsEngage

October 24, 2019

Welcome to S.P.I.N. &

You are receiving this Digest Email as a part of the continued partnership with the Better Business Bureau and Striped Rock, LLC to continue to communicate relative information related to the Senior Industry. Striped Rock, LLC is the publisher of All About Seniors which has been your go to resource in the Greater Charlotte area since 2006. Striped Rock, LLC has developed this interactive site to connect and communicate relative and vital information to Seniors, Caregivers and Senior Industry Professionals. You have a choice of the types of Daily Digests you can receive: S.P.I.N. is the Senior Professional Industry Network that is intended for the Industry Professionals. Seniors Engage is for Seniors and Caregivers. Each site sends out daily digests a few times each week with information on Senior Friendly Events, Educational Opportunities, News & Developments, Senior Industry Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities. Just click on “Read More” to view all the details of each post.

STRIPED ROCK, LLC Continues Expansion of Products and Services to the Senior Industry. If you do not wish to receive either S.P.I.N. or SeniorsEngage, you can scroll down and “Unsubscribe From The List”.

If you wish to receive either S.P.I.N. or SeniorsEngage and not both, scroll down and click on “Update Your Preferences and you can click on either S.P.I.N. or SeniorsEngage and also select additional markets is you wish.

NOTE: All submissions will go through the S.P.I.N side since only professionals will be submitting announcements. You will need to be a subscriber to submit an announcement. If you have an upcoming event or something you would like to sent out to thousands of professionals, seniors and caregivers go to the main page and click on “submit”. It is a very user friendly process to complete the post. You can also upload a PDF Flyer. Also, our staff will be adding some of the events that were listed on the BBBGrapevine calendar over the next week.

Q & A - FAQs

Q: Can you explain what is for:
A: SeniorsEngage is basically the same as S.P.I.N. with the exception being that it is for the consumer side where the primary subscribers are seniors and caregivers and general people in the community. The original S.P.I.N. has always been for the senior industry professionals.

Q: Who can sign up to receive SPINMails?
A: Anyone, but it is intended for the professionals who work within the senior industry in some capacity.

Q: Who can sign up to receive SeinorsEngage – Mail?
A: Anyone, but it is intended for people who want local, state and national information that relates to being an active senior, a caregiver and/or anyone to wants to gain knowledge and information as it relates to healthy aging.

Q: Who can send out or post SPINMails?
A: A Senior Industry Professional that is a S.P.I.N. Subscriber.

Q: What type of information CANNOT be posted on S.P.I.N. and/or SeniorsEngage?
A: Anything that is sales related or not pertaining to a senior or caregiver.

Q: Who can post and send out SeniorsEngage – Mail?
A: As mentioned above, SeniorsEngage will be restricted to use by our clients and partners with exceptions. We allow all “Seniors Industry” companies to continue to post jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Q: What type of information can be sent out on S.P.I.N.?
A: It must be senior industry related and not product or service sales related.

Q: What are some of the new features on S.P.I.N.?
A: With the upgrade in technology in 2018, the new site is “ALL” device-friendly along with a much more user-friendly format which will make navigation much easier. Also, when submitting a post, it will have the option of market choice and either to be sent out on S.P.I.N. and SeniorsEngage. The landing page has both sites and has access to all the archives and calendars that can be sorted by city area. We are also providing upgraded sponsorships that will include both sites and mail types.

Q: What other types of feature does it include:
A: You can “Share” posts on all social media or via email, It Also has an “Add To Calendar” and RSVP feature to auto reply to Events and Educational Opportunities.

Q: What affiliation does S.P.I.N. have with local networking groups and do any of the group memberships offer benefits that include S.P.I.N. posting access?
A: None other than we allow those groups to post notices on meetings and events and consider them as partners. We, as a company, have been a part of those organizations as volunteers, since a big part of our mission is to serve which is something that no one else in our similar business even comes close to providing to the senior industry.

Q: What affiliation does Striped Rock, LLC dba All About Seniors have with local networking groups?
A: None, other than we are an active member in most local markets senior related groups.

Q: How can I be a sponsor on S.P.I.N. and/or SeniorsEngage?
A: First, it is a requirement that you are an active client/partner of All About Seniors. Second, you can email to get more details. Any sponsorship includes both S.P.I.N. and SeniorsEngage. Sponsorships are limited based on the available positions in each market.

We look forward to helping local seniors and caregivers thrive and navigate aging successfully!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Bill Sweezy
President, Striped Rock, LLC

William Sweezy, President/Publisher
William Sweezy
(704) 965-2868